What is Llama Logs?


Llama Logs is a brand new tool that turns distributed logs into a real time interactive graph.

Llama Logs was created to help bring clarity to complex cloud architectures.

With Llama Logs, never again will you need to:

  • Create and update architecture diagrams by hand.
  • Install agents onto your machines.
  • Hunt down erors through mulitple machines and log files.
  • Struggle to teach new team members your architecture.
  • Limit your analytics to the machine level.

With only a few log lines in your code base,

Llama Logs will instantly create a live visualization of the activity within your system.

Llama Logs is built for developers, so the possibilities are endless!

The Llama Logs Graph

The graph is where all of the events from a system are visualized automatically by Llama Logs.

Below is an example of a Llama Logs graph for a Cloud Architecture with Multiple Cloud Functions and a Database.

Each one of the circles moving between components represents logged events occurring between those two components.

Instantly we can see the structure and activity of the entire architecture in real time!

The graph even shows errors in red that are occuring during the response from one of the modules in the first Cloud Function.

See more examples of Llama Logs system visualizations on our examples page.


Llama Logs has tremendous benefits over other types of analytics:

  • Aggregates distributed data into a single easy to understand graph.
  • Seamlessly bridges the gap between application and infrastructure data layers.
  • Handles millions of events per component with ease.
  • Allows You to creatively define how your data will be visualized.

Supported Languages

Llama Logs currently has open source clients available for:


You are only 2 clicks away having a live Llama Logs graph to experiment with.

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Start Using Llama Logs

A step by step guide to adding Llama Logs to your system.

The Getting Started Guide

More Info

The main docs page

Llama Logs Docs

Examples of how Llama Logs can help in various computer system configurations.


Client Docs For All Supported Languages:

JavaScript, Go, Python, Elixir