Llama Logs API Limits


The Llama Logs API is very limited for free users during the alpha release.

This is critical in order to keep the storage and bandwidth costs managable.

These limits will be increased as needed or when paid plans are introduced.

If you want higher API limits for your account, please email us at Andrew@llamalogs.com

Data Rentention

Llama Logs data will be available for 3 days (72 hours) in each account.

Transactions Per Second

Each account is allowed ~2 TPS.

Requests will be blocked for a short duration if the TPS limit is reached.

The Llama Logs clients send in data approximately every minute.

This means that each account can support ~120 individual machines each running the Llama Logs client.

Data Per Second

Each account will be capped as to how much data can be sent into Llama Logs.

The bulk of data primarily comes from the messages attached to each log event.

The data ingest limit is capped at ~2Mb per hour.

Requests will be blocked for a short duration if the data limit is reached.

As long as your messages are a reasonable size, the TPS limit should be reached before the data limit.