Llama Logs Demo

Create your own Llama Logs playground in a few quick steps

Start the Preconfigured Server

Some server code has been preconfigured with Llama Logs in a REPL environment.

To start it up, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the REPL site

2. Click "Fork" at the top of the page to make your own copy of the demo codebase

3. Paste the code below into the index.js file, and click "Run"

    accountKey: "SNBtepL8tuCEytmR",
    graphName: "graph-yGZRCLtedf"

4. Wait a few seconds until the Repl logs say "Llama Logs sent to Graph"

View Your Llama Logs Graph

Go To Your New Llama Log Graph and see the events live from the REPL page

Your graph should look something like this

The server code is set up to simulate a potential cloud architecture.

Try to make some changes in the REPL server and see them reflected live in your graph!

Don't forget to restart the server after each change.

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